Homage pleasing to the protector Manjushri

Chintamani Manjughosha Jnanavaca 212I give my homage to you, Manjushri of the gentle heart.
Like the sun freed from the mists, your clear understanding bursts through
The clouds of my self-clinging and my reckless views;
So you press to your heart the book of perfect wisdom.

I give my homage to you, Manjushri of the sweet voice.
Beings are trapped in the dungeons of time;
With the kindness of a parent for their only child, you strive to liberate them.
There they suffer in the darkness of ignorance, but your sixty four Dharma voices boom like the thunder,
Rousing from the sleep of self-clinging and sundering the iron chains of past mistakes.
There you brandish your flaming blade, and dark delusion is illuminated, the sprouts of anguish are severed at the root.

I give my homage to you, Manjushri of the bright body.
You are the Buddha, your form perfected by ages of skilfulness.
You are the Bodhisattva, already perfected, yet working through stages of practice.
Your appearance shines with a hundred qualities and adornments
So the darkness of our mind
Is finally dispersed!

This is a freely re-rendered version of the stuti from the traditional Manjughosha Stuti Sadhana, by Ratnaprabha, 23 June 2015.  The sadhana was given to Urgyen Sangharakshita by Jamyang Khyentse Rimpoche.

Sangharakshita’s seminar on the text is here.  Another version of the homage is here.