Finding the Mind

CoverA Buddhist View

Robin Cooper (Ratnaprabha)

‘Here am I, in this body I call my own, among millions that are mysteriously other. What’s going on?’ You may have asked this, or something like it, at some point in your life. How can you find the answer?

Buddhism points to your own mind as a way to understand and transform your experience. But, as Robin Cooper explains, it takes an exploratory approach, it asks you to seek: it is not a revelation of religious truths.

The Buddha saw that we are all in a tough predicament. We are constantly anxious about what we lack and what we may lose, and in chasing security we easily cause pain to others. But the Buddha did not offer to save us through faith in his truth. Instead, he asked us to explore. Be aware, probe the edges of your awareness, investigate, and find your mind.

First published in 2012.  Buy here.

The Evolving Mind

coverBuddhism Biology and Consciousness

by Robin Cooper (Ratnaprabha)


Are religion and evolution compatible after all?
The Evolving Mind shows how mind and consciousness have grown through the ages. Then it presents the evolutionary vision of Buddhism, describing how the Buddhist path allows one’s mind to go beyond the limitations of biological evolution.

The first edition was published in 1996.

Ebook available here.