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16th KarmapaLast week’s post on Sex in Buddhism was based on a talk on sex and gender that I gave a while ago in Stockholm.  You can listen to it here.

Here are some other recordings of my talks and led meditations, from the Freebuddhistaudio site, with their blurbs:

Working Together – the Buddhist Tradition

This is a very useful and, as ever, entertaining talk by Ratnaprabha on bringing Buddhist values and ideals …

Ratnaprabha 2007
A System of Spiritual Development

Here’s a talk by Ratnaprabha on leading the spiritual life, particularly in the context of preparing …

Ratnaprabha 2002
Grabbing a Firebrand

An appropriately pithy talk by Ratnaprabha looking at the sometimes controversial aphorisms of Sangharakshita. …

Ratnaprabha 2006
In the Maw of the Beast – the Ethics of Eating

Ratnaprabha‘s talk is a fascinating enquiry into the ethics of eating – a challenging and complex subject, …

Ratnaprabha 2009
Hare In the Moon

Ratnaprabha tells the Jataka of the Bodhisattva Hare and his animal friends, and how the Hare’s supreme …

Ratnaprabha 2011
A True Story

How can stories be more valid than collections of facts or advice-based teaching? Ratnaprabha looks at the …

Ratnaprabha 2011
Gender and Sexuality In Buddhism

In this very rich and well researched talk at the Stockholms Buddhistcenter (13 June 2011) Ratnaprabha traces …

Ratnaprabha 2011
A Straight Talk On the Heart Sutra

Ratnaprabha takes us through this great, but short, Buddhist text, using his own re-rendering, and inspired …

Ratnaprabha 2012
The Story of Hatthaka

A brilliantly told story from the Pali Canon, about Hatthaka, who used the 4 sangrahavastus, the four means of creating …

Ratnaprabha 2007
The Four Sangraha Vastus

A lively and inspired talk at Stockholms Buddhistcenter in 2007, companion talk to The story of Hatthaka. Ratnaprabha

Ratnaprabha 2007
Finding the Mind

The story of Ananda and the outcast girl introduces a talk on Buddhist views of the mind and subjective experience, to launch …

Ratnaprabha 2012
What Do Buddhists Think – The Mind

The last in our series of talks ‘What do Buddhists think…?’ Ratnaprabha, author of ‘Finding …

Ratnaprabha 2012
Finding the Mind

Talk given at the launch of Ratnaprabha‘s book of the same title at the LBC’s Dharma Night Class …

Ratnaprabha 2012
Ananda and The Outcast Maiden

Ananda falls in love with a young maiden and realizes he is not in control of his mind. The Buddha then instructs him to …

Ratnaprabha 2012
How Genuine Sangha Can Be Created

A WlLBC Sangha Day talk: Ratnaprabha about the origins of Sangha.

Ratnaprabha 2012
Hand Me Downs

A talk given by Ratnaprabha at Sangha Night, Sheffield Buddhist Centre on 22nd January 2008 about Sangha …

Ratnaprabha 2008
The Fifth Precept

In a series on Buddhist Ethics at the WLBC in September 2013, Ratnaprabhatalks about the fifth precept, …

Ratnaprabha 2013
Footsteps of Truth; Following the Trackless One

Ratnaprabha talks about the Dhammapada at the WLBC on Dharma Day 2013.

Ratnaprabha 2013
Good Friends. Kalyana Mitrata In Early Buddhism and Today

Irst talk in series on Kalyana Mitrata, recorded at the WLBC in October 2013. Kalyana Mitrata is spiritual friendship, even …

Ratnaprabha 2013
The Star of Healing

In a talk for Buddha day, Ratnaprabha takes us through the realisations that came to the Buddha during his …

Ratnaprabha 2014
The Urban Buddha, Restoring the Ancient City

The Buddha described his project as being like following an overgrown path, and restoring the ruined city he finds. Ratnaprabha

Ratnaprabha 2014
How to Be a Buddhist

How did people join the Buddhas own Sangha 2500 years ago? What makes people decide to follow Buddhism and how do they choose …

Ratnaprabha 2015

Ratnaprabha introduces the Bodhisattva of Wisdom, and explains the way he breaks the chains of karma. He …

Ratnaprabha 2015
The Hare In the Moon

An engaging talk on a well konwn Jataka story, the hare in the moon. Given at the 25-year jubilee retreat (of FWBO activities …

Ratnaprabha 2005
How to Have Fun

Looking at the Buddhist path in terms of happiness, engagement, interest and delight. A new take on the positive nidana

Ratnaprabha 2010
The Wheel of Life

The audio from a slideshow on the Tibetan Wheel of Life.

Ratnaprabha 2010
The First Chick Hatches

A talk on the Buddha as ‘the elder brother of mankind’, given on Buddha Day at the West London Buddhist Centre.

Ratnaprabha 2010
Vajra Slideshow — the Audio

This is the commentary to a slideshow on the Vajra, the tantric symbol of reality and breakthrough. It is comprehensible …

Ratnaprabha 2010
Mandala of the Five Buddhas Slideshow

This is the commentary to a slideshow on the mandala and associated symbolism. It is comprehensible without the slides.

Ratnaprabha 2010
Metta Bhavana Into and Lead-Through

A session of loving kindness meditation, with an introduction and body awareness followed by a led session lasting about …

Ratnaprabha 1994
Mindfulness of Breathing Intro and Lead-Through

A full lead-through and introduction to the Mindfulness of Breathing (anapanasati) meditation. Note the sound quality is …

Ratnaprabha 2010
The Life of Milarepa – Milarepa Talk 1

First talk in a series of 3 talks on ‘Milarepa’.

Ratnaprabha 2010
Milarepa, Singing the Dharma – Milarepa Talk 2

Second talk in a series of 3 talks on ‘Milarepa’.

Ratnaprabha 2010
The Heart Sons of Milarepa – Milarepa Talk 3

Third talk in a series of 3 talks on ‘Milarepa’.

Ratnaprabha 2010
Stupa Sideshow, the Audio

A comprehensive overview of the symbolism of the Buddhist Stupa. The talk was given with slides, but is comprehensible without …

Ratnaprabha 2011
Saluting the Sangha

A talk for Sangha Day at the West London Buddhist Centre (Nov 2011), taking us through the Sangha Section of the Tiratan

Ratnaprabha 2011
The Structure of Buddhism

An introduction to the structure of Buddhist teaching: why so many lists? Do you have to be an intellectual to get the Dharma? …

Ratnaprabha 2012

A talk for the West London Buddhist Centre Sangha night on the third Satipatthana, the mind. Includes quotations from the …

Ratnaprabha 2012
The Six Elements

An introduction to earth, water, fire, air, space and consciousness, the mystery of human experience, and how to use the …

Ratnaprabha 2012
The Mandala of the Five Buddhas – Talk 3 – Ratnasambhava and the Mandala

The third talk of Padmaloka’s 2012 Winter Retreat on the Mandala.

Ratnaprabha 2012
The Mandala of the Five Buddhas – Talk 5 – Amoghasiddhi; Courage and Creativity

The fifth talk of Padmaloka’s 2012 Winter Retreat on the mandala of the five Buddhas. Now we enter the realm of story …

Ratnaprabha 2013
The Mandala of the Five Buddhas – Talk 8 – Ratnasambhava and the Path of Beauty

Eighth talk of Padmaloka’s 2012 Winter Retreat. Each Buddha presents us with what can be a complete path or an aspect …

Ratnaprabha 2012
The Mandala of the Five Buddhas – Talk 10 – Amoghasiddhi and Harmonious Action

Tenth talk of Padmaloka’s 2012 Winter Retreat. Amoghasiddhi is the Buddha of action and also spiritual rebirth, he shows …

Ratnaprabha 2013
How the Buddha Taught Mindfulness

Ratnpaprabha explains this practice and understanding of the Sutta of ‘Being mindful of the in- and out-breaths’ …

Ratnaprabha 2013
Sowing Seeds In the Soil of the Mind – The Alaya

The alaya or storehouse consciousness is the Buddhist equivalent of the unconscious mind. It is like a garden, in which every …

Ratnaprabha 2014
Life of Milarepa

The amazing story of Tibets great mountain yogi, Milarepa. His black-magic driven crimes, his ordeals under his Buddhist …

Ratnaprabha 2014
Universes Colliding – The Meeting of Science and Buddhism

A lively talk in conjunction with the Cambridge Science Festival and part of the Cambridge Buddhist Centre Open Day.

Ratnaprabha 2015